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Captivate Audience

Digital media has the power to hold the customers’ attention. Now, customers are most responsive to information on a digital display.

Inspire Customer Actions

Digital Signages serve the dual purpose of informing and helping customers make quick purchase decisions.

Analyze and Adapt

Measure the success using proof of play and adapt them in communications. Making changes with DigiSignage is fast and easy.


Core Features

Our digital signage software solution is feature-rich and built with extensive practical experience.

From media management to designing templates and from advanced scheduling to advanced reporting. Our feature-rich cloud based CMS helps you to manage content at any scale of your business.

Variety of apps gives options to show different forms of content and to get your creative juices flowing. Video playback, live streaming, weather forecast, PowerPoint slideshow and clock to name some.

DigiSignage gives flexibility of managing and monitoring content anytime from anywhere.

Our CMS is well designed and user-friendly. Just a basic understanding of IT software will suffice.

With our quick deployment mechanism, you can change the content frequently and rapidly.

Create as many variants of resolutions and orientations as you want based on display available to you.

Our granular access management ensures the right team members have the right access, offering peace of mind.

DigiSignage helps businesses measure success of campaigns using proof of play reports and optimize for future.

With rich dashboard, you can see status of everything at glance for quick monitoring and management.

We provide unparalleled exceptional technical support to clients, ensuring your success every step of the way. Read more here.


Digital Signage solution for different Industries

digital menu boards for restaurants, cafes and bars

Restaurants, Cafés, And Bars

One of the largest consumers of digital signage solutions is cafes, bars, and restaurants.

digital signage for retail stores

Retail Stores

Discovered the fastest and most effective way to grab the attention of your customers.

digital signage in hospitality industry


Captivate guests with dynamic displays that optimize communication, showcase amenities, and enhance overall guest experiences in hotels and resorts.

digital signage for healthcare business


Increase patient engagement and staff coordination. Improve service efficiency, share crucial information, and create a modern, connected environment.

digital signage for fitness centres

Fitness Centres

Promote classes, services, and a vibrant atmosphere. Increase member engagement, streamline communication, and create an immersive experience.

How it works

Setting up DigiSignage is an easy and quick 3 step process.



Our digital signage desktop app is compatible with a host of devices. You do not need to invest in specific hardware to use our solution. After app is installed, Pair device with your DigiSignage account without any technical expertise.



Get your creative juices flowing by creating compelling content, leveraging our preloaded templates where you can include your own videos, images and other media as well.

Schedule and Monitor


Our cloud-based digital signage software empowers you to manage your screens across many locations in parallel from the same computer. It lets you view states and adapt changes based on performance.

Featured Apps

Video Streaming

Showcase HLS live content within layouts and playlists. Enjoy seamless control with mute functionality, ensuring a dynamic and engaging visual experience.


Display daily forecasts using pre-designed or custom templates. Automatically tailor units and language based on the display location, ensuring a personalized experience.

Menu Boards

Purpose-built for showcasing menu categories and items, effortlessly update content without accessing layouts. Enjoy offline playback with cached media, and effortlessly craft enticing menus for seamless display on your digital signage.

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