Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Our solution allows you to upload and manage content through a user-friendly cloud based platform. The content is then displayed on your chosen screens real-time providing a seamless and dynamic communication channel.

You can showcase variety of content, including announcements, company news, event schedules, dashboards, videos and more. Our flexible platform allows you to schedule content as per your specific business needs. Sky is the limit!

Yes, our solution is scalable and can be deployed across multiple locations. You can manage content centrally and customize displays for each location, providing a tailored communication. Our platform is designed to scale!

Adding more displays to accommodate the expansion of your business is easy. You can subscribe for more displays and you’ll able to add more displays into your CMS and start using it. If you need any help, Just click on chat symbol and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Absolutely! Our platform is highly customizable. Leveraging our pre-loaded templates tailored for industry, you can effortlessly modify content, colors, design elements and other information relevant to your organization.

Yes, we offer special discounts for Non-profit organizations. Contact us here and we’ll assist you get onboard with discounted price.


Users can seamlessly incorporate images, videos, embed HTML content, live stream videos and display PDF documents. You can even use your own fonts to match your branding.

The PDF Playback feature in DigiSignage allows users to showcase multiple pages of a PDF document in a presentation. You can customize the duration for each page, creating a dynamic and engaging display. This feature is particularly useful for presentations, allowing for seamless transitions between different pages. You can leverage the PDF version of any presentation to automate playback enhancing the overall visual experience of their digital signage content.

Yes, our solution supports content integration from various sources. You can easily incorporate social media feeds, news updates, and weather information to keep the content dynamic and relevant. Check the full feature list here.

Absolutely. Our Digital Signage solution allows you to manage and schedule different content on various screens across multiple campus, ensuring targeted communication.

Absolutely. Our scheduling feature allows you to plan and automate content display based on your corporate schedule. This is particularly useful for timely announcements, events, or any time-sensitive information.

Yes, DigiSignage allows you to schedule content based on geographical boundaries for targeted messaging.

You can add as many users as needed to your DigiSignage CMS, each with individual access.

DigiSignage provides predefined roles, including Content, Display, and Schedule Manager. However, you can create and manage group with your custom access and manage users under it.

Yes, DigiSignage allows you to create custom user groups with fine-grained access to different modules.

Hardware (Displays and Players )

You do not need specific hardware to use DigiSignage. We offer free hardware consultation to help you make informed decisions about compatibility. Contact us via chat support and we’ll assist you.

In most cases, yes. Our platform is designed to compatible with a wide range of hardwares. If you have specific questions about your existing setup, feel free to reach out our support team using chat feature.

Updates and Support

DigiSignage offers various support options, including priority technical support via chat and email. Our support team is here to ensure seamless experience with DigiSignage.

DigiSignage receives frequent updates with an auto-update feature, ensuring seamless updates without downtime.


We offer both monthly and yearly subscription plans per screen to cater your specific needs. Click here to know more.

Our subscription covers access to our cloud-based Digital Signage solution, regular updates, customer support, and any additional features specified in your chosen plan.

Absolutely! We offer discounted rates for customers who opt for the yearly subscription. This is a cost-effective way to enjoy our Digital Signage solution while saving on overall subscription cost. Check our Pricing page for more info.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel during a billing cycle, you will have access to the service until the end of that billing period.

No, we do not charge any setup fees and our pricing is transparent. You will only pay the amount specified in your chosen subscription plan.

If you exceed the storage limits for your purchased number of displays, you will have the option to add more displays to your subscription to accommodate your increased usage. Alternatively you can contact our support team for assistance.

Yes, we offer a trial period for our Digital Signage solution. During the trial you can explore the features to determine if it meets your requirements.

Yes, we offer a trial period so you can explore the features and benefits of our Digital Signage solution. Click here to get started with trial plan.

No, we offer cloud-based software digital signage solutions. You can manage the digital menu boards for all your locations from a single computer.

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