Unlocking Possibilities: DigiSignage Feature Showcase

Unmatched Capabilities and Security for Premium Digital Signage.

Vast Media Formats

Personalize layouts by uploading your images or explore a treasure trove of free stock pictures with our integrated search. Simply drag, drop, and resize for stunning visuals that captivate your audience!

Seamlessly upload and mix multiple videos within a single layout. Resize them with ease to captivate your audience with dynamic, eye-catching content.

Effortlessly incorporate HLS-formatted video streams into your layouts. Whether it’s live events or dynamic content.

Easily integrate live web content, from internal reports to social media feeds, into your layouts. Showcase your data dynamically with your audience.

Effortlessly showcase multi-page PDFs one by one, each with a customizable duration. Convert your presentations to PDF for seamless auto-play. Elevate your signage experience with dynamic and engaging content.

Displays and Playback

Pair your screen / computer with our cloud-based CMS in minutes. Our user-friendly setup ensures a hassle-free experience, making it easy for anyone to manage their displays without any technical expertise.

Choose any display resolution, be it landscape or portrait, for a truly customized experience. Effortlessly design layouts in the exact dimensions you desire, ensuring your message looks flawless on any screen.

Sync your schedule with our cloud-based CMS, and rest easy knowing your playlist will play seamlessly even if the internet is lost.

DigiSignage CMS lets you tag and group displays, making it a breeze to filter and control content.

Effortlessly monitor and manage your displays from anywhere. Request real-time screenshots and customize configurations remotely.

Gain valuable insights into your campaigns with our Proof of Play feature. Track content played on each display, analyze data, and elevate your strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Displays and Playback

Rich Library

DigiSignage comes loaded with dozens of industry-specific templates, ready for your touch. Save time, spark inspiration, and customize with ease.

Enjoy a variety of pre-loaded fonts tailored for different industries. Match your content and branding seamlessly, sparking your creative flow.

Access a vast collection of free stock images seamlessly integrated into our CMS. Save time and elevate your displays by effortlessly finding and selecting the perfect images for your message.

Categorize videos and images effortlessly using tags in our CMS. Stay organized, find what you need instantly, and take control of your content with ease.


Our advanced “Rich Text” widget lets you design text like a pro. Customize size, color, font, and more. Transform your message effortlessly.

Our CMS offers various shapes. Easily resize, color, and orient them to bring your vision to life. Shape your message with simplicity and style.

Showcase real-time weather for your location or the display’s location. Design your own template or choose from pre-installed options. Captivate your audience with dynamic and personalized weather updates.

Our CMS offers a user-friendly widget for live stocks info. Showcase real-time stock prices effortlessly. Choose from pre-installed templates or design your own to create dynamic displays that grab attention.

Clock widgets allows you to showcase local and international timings in various formats. Customize your own design or choose from our pre-installed templates. Keep your audience in sync effortlessly.

Use intuitive RSS Feed widget to feature diverse information, from news to company updates. Choose from pre-designed templates or craft your own, effortlessly displaying titles, content, images, and links. Keep your audience engaged and informed.

Our CMS Calendar Widget, allowing you to effortlessly showcase events. Choose from pre-loaded templates or create your own featuring titles, descriptions, locations, and start/end date times. Seamlessly engage your audience with upcoming events.


Advance Design Features

DigiSignage empowers you to stack and arrange widgets in layers, enabling limitless possibilities. Easily manage layers, send widgets forward or backward, and craft visually stunning displays that push the boundaries of imagination.

DigiSignage has Playlist widget, allowing you to seamlessly arrange and play an array of widgets in your preferred screen area. Run multiple playlists simultaneously or reuse them across layouts for ultimate flexibility. Transform your screens effortlessly.

Audio widget, enabling you to upload and play your favorite track as a captivating background soundtrack. Elevate your message with immersive audio experiences.

Dynamic Data integration

DigiSignage empowers you to display dynamic, real-time data from your preferred sources using various APIs. Choose from customizable pre-designed tables or create your own layouts. Effortlessly showcase the information that matters most to you.

DigiSignage boasts a user-friendly menu board feature, allowing you to effortlessly input and showcase categories, dishes, prices, images, nutrition info, and addons. Design your own mouthwatering menu in table or free-form format, showcasing your culinary offerings with style.

DigiSignage lets you create, manage and import datasets of your own design, presenting them in tables or free-form layouts. Customize and showcase your data with ease, making information engaging and accessible.

Dynamic Data integration

Advanced scheduling

DigiSignage offers flexible content scheduling, allowing you to assign layouts to specific locations, dates, and times. Set expiration dates, dynamically schedule day parts, and manage your displays with ease.

DigiSignage empowers you to manage various marketing campaigns by naming, categorizing, and scheduling them with specific start and end dates. DigiSignage automates the process ensuring that the right layouts run on the right displays at the right times.

With DigiSignage’s rapid scheduling, broadcast critical emergency announcements instantly. Whether it’s evacuation notices or weather alerts, respond swiftly to unforeseen circumstances and keep everyone informed.

Geo Scheduling empowers you to schedule content within specific geographical boundaries. Whether it’s a curated sales campaign or urgent alerts, take charge of delivering targeted messages to your audience. Harness the power of geo-aware messaging with DigiSignage.


Add as many team members as you need, each with individual access. Streamline workflow, enhance productivity, and ensure everyone contributes seamlessly to your digital signage success.

We provide pre-defined roles and user groups for Content, Display, and Schedule Managers. Simplify access control for large teams, ensuring everyone plays their part seamlessly. Streamline collaboration and enhance efficiency with DigiSignage.

Admins can create custom user groups, fine-tuning access to various modules. Empower your team with specific permissions, ensuring each member has the right tools to contribute effectively. Elevate collaboration with DigiSignage!

Audit Log feature tracks all activities, revealing who made changes, when, and from where. Admins can easily review this user-friendly log for a transparent overview of system operations, enhances accountability.

Super admins can access and filter detailed system logs through a user-friendly interface. Explore events with timestamps, request types, status, and messages, ensuring a comprehensive overview and efficient troubleshooting.


Remote Support & Auto-Upgrades

We continuously enhance and secure our platform with new features and bug fixes. Our auto-update system ensures a smooth experience for users, keeping your digital signage stable and protected without any disruption. Trust DigiSignage for worry-free reliability

Our robust logging system identifies potential issues, while our dedicated technical support team ensures a 24/7 availability. Experience peace of mind with our commitment to keeping your digital signage system running seamlessly. Trust DigiSignage for reliability and expert support!

Unsure if your current computer is compatible or need advice on new ones? We provide personalized recommendations and consultations to ensure you make informed choices, effortlessly integrating our digital signage solution into your setup. Trust DigiSignage for seamless compatibility and expert advice.

Our full-service management goes beyond cloud based software. With our Managed Services, we take charge of your digital signage journey from start to finish. From strategy and design to scheduling, monitoring, and improvement—we’ve got you covered. Enjoy worry-free, expert-managed signage with DigiSignage! Contact us to discuss further.

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