Unleash the power of creativity with our versatile suite of Apps.

Video Live Streaming

Showcase HLS live content within layouts and playlists. Enjoy seamless control with mute functionality, ensuring a dynamic and engaging visual experience.


Enhance your layouts and playlists by seamlessly adding image files from our extensive library. Choose from thousands of stock images, and customize with versatile scaling options—center, stretch, or fit.

Menu Boards

Purpose-built for showcasing menu categories and items, effortlessly update content without accessing layouts. Enjoy offline playback with cached media, and effortlessly craft enticing menus for seamless display on your digital signage.


Incorporate video files into layouts and playlists, whether uploaded or selected from our extensive stock video integration. Enjoy offline playback with cached files, and control video duration effortlessly. Tailor your display with aspect and stretch scaling, loop for extended play, and mute audio.


Upload audio files effortlessly, knowing they are cached for flawless offline playback. Tailor your content by controlling the duration, extend it with looping. Enhance creativity by attaching audio to other widgets.


Effortlessly sync iCal feeds for dynamic event displays. Customize with Static Templates for a polished look. Tailor your content with design options, exclude irrelevant events, and ensure offline access with cached data.


Choose a stylish Analog or animated Flip Clock with customizable formats. Countdown dynamically with Hourly, Minute, and Daily Counter options. Personalize further by offsetting the time.

Data Set

Show data-driven information with our DataSet Widget. Harness the power of pre-designed templates for a polished look. Effortlessly update content and templates, reorder and filter results, or shuffle items randomly. Enjoy offline playback with cached media and set freshness checks for seamless, dynamic messaging.


Tailor your countdown in various formats— days, hours, minutes, seconds or even table format from years to seconds. Define the countdown’s duration, set custom times, and even activate a warning mode for added impact.


integrate webpage content into layouts and playlists, showcasing full pages without alterations. Choose from versatile embed options. Tailor displays further with scaling, offsetting, and transparent background options.


Display daily forecasts using pre-designed or custom templates. Automatically tailor units and language based on the display location, ensuring a personalized experience. Options for daytime conditions, enhance visuals with library images, and enjoy seamless offline playback with cached data.

World Clock

Choose from Analogue, Time and Date, or Text style clocks to display selected Timezones. Showcase multiple Timezones in your chosen style, adjusting columns and rows with ease. Personalize further with custom labels, optional highlights, and customizable appearance settings

RSS Feed

Integrate dynamic feed content anywhere on your layout using pre-designed or custom templates. Take control of cycling items with specified Data Slots, and tailor layouts with versatile configuration options. Define item count and set durations for an engaging, personalized display.


Effortlessly showcase exchange rates using pre-styled Static Templates, easily configured for a polished appearance. Enjoy the flexibility of reverse conversion, cache content for offline playback, and tailor durations per item or page.


Showcase real-time trade prices for stock listings anywhere on your layout. Tailor displays using pre defined templates or create your own, each with versatile configuration options. Enjoy offline playback with cached media, and customize durations per item or page.


Incorporate PDF files into your layouts and playlists, whether uploaded directly or selected form library. Tailor your presentations with customizable start and end times, while setting durations for each page.


Effortlessly showcase complete HTML content within your layouts and playlists. Choose from library or upload directly, complete with customizable start and end times.

Embedded Content

Embed HTML content, customize with transparent backgrounds, and scale effortlessly within your layout. Preload content off-screen for a seamless display. Whether it’s text or HTML, take control with CSS styling.


Our CMS offers various shapes. Easily resize, color, and orient them to bring your vision to life. Shape your message with simplicity and style.

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